“always there when needed” – Sapper Support

Hi everyone, some great news this month. With our 3 year anniversary closing in on us, I wanted to do something special this year and very close to my own heart.

In my younger years, I spent nearly 7 years in the British Army (Royal Engineers) it was the greatest experience of my life. It’s true ‘once a Sapper always a Sapper’. The friends I made over 20 years ago, still stand next to me at a bar from time to time, proud that they have served and to be part of the Sapper family. So I thought it fitting that Tie Specialist Logistics gives something back to all those that have served or are still serving.

This week I contacted Tim Evers CEO of Sapper Support. Sapper Support was initially a charity designed to help Sappers, (Royal Engineers personnel) with PTSD. However the volume of calls they received and the different number of forces personnel that got in touch, meant Tim and his team had to adapt quickly. Also with the increasing numbers of 999 personnel contacting Sapper Support they are now a multi service charity.

They now have a facility to help with early diagnosis, and pay for that all important initial assessment. Once diagnosed, treatment can begin. However, they are not solely limited to helping those with PTSD. There are other forms of mental health issues which Sapper Support can help with by giving emotional, physical and financial support to others.

Tim and his team of volunteers are not doctors, councillors or health professionals. They are Sappers who speak the lingo of the British squaddie, have served in all the theatres of war from Iraq’s Desert Storm to modern day Afghanistan.

They are not here to judge, they are here to listen, chat and help.

So this is where we come in, over the next couple of weeks we are going to be vinyl wrapping our vans to help and raise awareness for PTSD sufferers and the Sapper Support charity. New uniform bearing the Sapper Support logo will also be given to our staff to wear.

Im really proud and pleased to be involved with Sapper Support and wish Tim and his team all the best.


Have a great week,